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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Goals scored by Steven Gerrard during the 2005-2006 season (18/23)

Goals scored by Steven Gerrard during the 2005-2006 season (18/23)

Min. Date Venue Comp Against
8' 13.07.2005 H CL TNS
21' 13.07.2005 H CL TNS
90' 13.07.2005 H CL TNS
85' 19.07.2005 A CL TNS
86' 19.07.2005 A CL TNS
54' 26.07.2005 A CL FBK Kaunas
77' 02.08.2005 H CL FBK Kaunas
36' 02.10.2005 H PL Chelsea
40' 25.10.2005 A LC Crystal Palace
84' 05.11.2005 A PL Aston Villa
45' 30.11.2005 A PL Sunderland
32' 15.12.2005 A WCC Deportivo Sap.
14' 26.12.2005 H PL Newcastle
18' 28.12.2005 A PL Everton
67' 02.01.2006 A PL Bolton
15' 07.01.2006 A FA Luton
36' 29.01.2006 A FA Portsmouth
62' 01.02.2006 H PL Birmingham
35' 19.03.2006 A PL Newcastle
60' 29.04.2006 H PL Aston Villa
66' 29.04.2006 H PL Aston Villa
54' 13.05.2006 N FA West Ham
90' 13.05.2006 N FA West Ham

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